Guardian Maintenance

Why use Guardian™ Maintenance?

The Guardian™ Maintenance service or building service plan, ensures that the material guarantees remain valid for the length of term of material guarantee. Just like a car, it is essential that all internal or external building envelope systems require a recorded maintenance or service plan, to ensure compliance with the small print of the material manufactures / suppliers guarantee. 

Guardian™ Maintenance includes the following:

  • QCP system in line with the manufacturers / supplier’s recommendations.
  • Checking of the external or internal building envelope system to make sure it is operating as it should do.
  • Regular recorded maintenance.
  • Complete external and internal building envelope sign off.
  • Integrated maintenance software package for both reactive and planned maintenance including access to the Guardian™ Helpdesk.

The continued use of Guardian™ Maintenance, throughout the length of term of the material’s guarantee, is the 3rd key part to achieving a valid Guardian™ System Warranty that will protect the long-term operational life of the external or internal building envelope system.

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