Guardian Warranty

What is Guardian™ Warranty?

Guarantees and warranties are a key part of any internal or external building envelope system. In most cases the small print in the paperwork needs to be carefully read and understood, since the risk is that when the guarantee or warranty is required, at a point of a claim, you may find holes in the guarantee between the manufacturer and the “approved” contractor that could invalidate any such claim, leaving you holding the bill.

What are the options:

  1. Traditional Guarantees
  2. Guardian™ System Warranty

What is a typical traditional guarantee?

A typical traditional guarantee is composed of two elements:

  • Long-term Product / Material Guarantees for up to 20 years.
  • 1, 2 or sometimes 5 Year Workmanship Warranty.
  • Workmanship warranties are normally issued by the contractor whereas the material guarantee is normally issued by the manufacturer / supplier via the contractor

There is a large gap in terms of length of terms between materials and workmanship and in most cases this does not cover design, perimeter details or maintenance. So is the traditional guarantee worth the paper it is written on?

The mostly likely cause of a building envelope system leaking or complete failure is poor quality installation, omission of essential elements or inadequate perimeter design.

What is the Guardian™ System Warranty?

The Guardian™ System Warranty is summarised as follows:

  • Up to 20 year system warrantee materials & workmanship.
  • A transferrable warranty.
  • Guardian™ Maintenance must be utilised throughout the length of term of the warranty.
  • Includes all parts of the system i.e. main system, junction points and all perimeter details.
  • A system warranty and not an individual component guarantee. 

Using Guardian™ Assist, Guardian™ Remedial Works & using Guardian™ Maintenance throughout the length of term of the material’s guarantee, a valid Guardian™ System Warranty will protect the long-term operational life of the external or internal building envelope system.

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