Guardian Remedial Works

How does Guardian™ Remedial Works operate?

The Guardian™ Remedial Works service ensures the accurate implementation of Guardian™ Assist on-site. Guardian™ Remedial Works is a group of specialist contractors who have been approved to install / apply the specified system, ensuring that all components are installed as per the manufacturers / supplier’s recommendations. 

Guardian™ Remedial Works includes the following:

  • QCP system in line with the manufacturers / supplier’s recommendations.
  • Independent on-site audit to ensure compliance.
  • Practical on-site advice to make sure accurate multiple building envelope system integration. 
  • Complete external and internal building envelope sign off.

The completion of Guardian™ Remedial Works is the 2nd key part to achieving a valid Guardian™ System Warranty that will protect the long-term operational life of the external or internal building envelope system.

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